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The Guts of Grace: Preparing Ordinary Saints for Extraordinary Ministry

By Pastor Grant Hawley

The Guts of Grace is 34 packed lessons on everything from how to study your Bible to what to expect on the Lord's return. In the middle, you will find plenty of practical truth for living.

The lessons are designed for use in small groups, but can be completed by an individual as well. No matter where you are in your walk, this book can help bring you to a place of greater intimacy with Christ, more realized liberty, and confidence in His ability to do great things in and through you.

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21 Tough Questions about Grace

By Various Authors

Have you ever wondered what motivates us if we know heaven is secure, or how "Faith without works is dead" reconciles with salvation by faith alone? What does it mean to work out our own salvation? And where does baptism fit into the equation? The authors of this book tackle twenty-one of the toughest questions that so many of us have about grace.

There are great answers to all of these questions in the Bible waiting to be discovered. 21 Tough Questions about Grace digs out those answers to help you get going on the path toward increased peace and confidence in God's marvelous work of grace.

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The Four Essentials of a Healthy Church

By Jeremy Edmondson

These four essentials from Acts 2:42 will help get your church on a healthy path. Edmondson has shown how putting them into practice will foster genuine spiritual growth, creating a healthy community of believers.

If you are serving in a local church, this book will be a blessing to you and the local body you serve.

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Absolutely Free: A Biblical Reply to Lordship Salvation

By Zane Hodges

This wonderful book was instrumental in helping our pastor learn about the true freeness of Christ's gift of everlasting life.

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Final Destiny: The Future Reign of the Servant Kings

By Joseph Dillow

"This work is extensive in its argumentation, expansive in its canonical scope, and immensely expanded from its first edition. It is an exceptional work, and a majestic achievement of both exegetical and biblical theology."

Fred Chay, Ph.D.

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Salvation (Swindoll Leadership Library)

By Earl Radmacher

God's ultimate gift to His children is salvation. In this volume Earl Radmacher offers an in-depth look at the most fundamental element of the Christian faith. From defining the essentials of salvation to explaining the result of Christ's sacrifice, this book walks readers through the spiritual meaning, motives, application, and eternal result of God's work of salvation in our lives.

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Free Grace Soteriology

By Dave Anderson

While nearly all branches of Christianity would lay claim to GRACE as the primary foundation for our future in heaven, there is wide divergence of opinion on just what that means. The understanding of GRACE among different factions within Christianity depends heavily on one's understanding of justification, regeneration, sanctification, repentance, faith, and other biblical topics presented in this textbook. The author holds that GRACE is free, not in the sense of being cheap or easy, but as a free gift (Eph 2:9) with no strings attached, in contrast to Arminian or Calvinistic...

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Simply By Grace

By Charlie Bing

Simply by Grace is an easy-to-read introduction to a core Christian belief. By looking at the major questions and issues that surround the concept of grace, Charles C. Bing helps readers understand and appreciate this God-given gift and how simple it really is. "Because only when you understand the simplicity of His grace," writes Bing, "can you begin to understand its deep riches also."

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